April 2023 : I Will …….!

Apr 21, 2023 | Stuart's Patient Newsletter

For those of you who are regular readers of these ‘Ramblings’ I thank you! – and you will remember that in my last ramble back in February, I was very much looking forward to the following Sunday when I could put my feet up and watch the ‘League Cup Final’ between Newcastle United and Manchester United. I didn’t have a ticket for Wembley but I had my Sunday planned; make sure the dogs were walked, do any jobs Maria needed doing and then retreat mid-afternoon and watch the match with a small beer. Perfect plan I thought, only to be improved on if Newcastle won.
Well, as often happens life didn’t go quite to plan!

The weekend before the football Jenny and her partner Jevon, of over 8 years standing, were away in Amsterdam for a weekend break and the great news is the J’s came back engaged!! For all the family this is really happy news as Jev is a great lad, who we all get on with really well. To be honest he has felt part of the family virtually from the beginning of them ‘going out’ together back in 2014 and the most important thing – he makes Jenny very happy.
So, there was much excitement and celebration at their news. They have announced that they wish to get married in the Autumn of 2024, great I thought plenty of time to make all the arrangements and give me time to save up!

Now Jenny being Jenny, likes to be organised and get things sorted ASAP – just like her mother!
So, on the Friday before the ‘Sunday of Football’ Jenny spoke to Maria and said that they were going to look at wedding venues, would we like to come along? Without hesitating (or consulting me) Maria said “Of course we would love to come with you, when are you thinking of looking?” “This Sunday” Jenny replied. “Great” said Maria, “We’re not doing anything, so that’s perfect.”
Now Jenny and Jev met when they were both studying in Glasgow and in addition to this, Jev comes from Ayrshire and a lot of their friends still live in Scotland, so they have decided that they would like to get married in Scotland. Jenny arranged the viewing of three venues for the ‘Sunday of the Football’, in Ayrshire, the first venue at 10.00am, second at 1.00pm and the third at 4.00pm – please note 30 minutes before the Cup Final!
I couldn’t believe the timings when Maria told me!

Despite my protestations – grumbles – I gave in, well you are put in a bit of a spot when you’re asked if the football is more important than your only daughter’s wedding plans? – I was wise enough to know there is no answer to this question! So, realising that there was absolutely no chance of watching the game ‘live’, I would have to resort to ‘Plan B’ which was to record the match and watch it when I got home….. without knowing the result.

Now, some of you who are old enough, may remember a similar situation in an old episode of ‘Whatever happened to the Likely Lads’? – but avoiding this result, would I thought be distinctly possible, as there should be no hotels/wedding venues showing ‘The Match’ live in Scotland. I told Maria she could have the radio on in the car driving home, but when it approached news time the radio would be switched off – I was taking no chances even with Classic fm!!

So, by 10am we had duly arrived at the first venue having been up at 6 o’clock to walk the dogs before we set off and of course they came with us. The first venue was very pleasant, a nice setting, very helpful staff and an excellent choice of food. I thought it was perfect so suggested, “Perhaps we don’t need to see the other two and can just go home?”

As you can imagine that was met with a withering stare from both Jenny and Maria – she is her mother’s daughter after all and I guess it perhaps wasn’t one of my better suggestions, but we would have just made it home for the football! We looked around the second venue, which seemed very similar to the first, gorgeous garden – apparently essential for photo’s! – nice sized room, a really lovely venue which even had a Wedding Fare taking place, which we hadn’t expected, so quite a bonus apparently.

Lunch was fish and chips at an excellent and very popular ‘Chippy’ in Troon, and arguably the best fish and chips I have had for years. So, to the final viewing of the day at 4pm; a quick walk for the dogs on the bracing Ayrshire coast and off we went. The last hotel/venue was undergoing renovations but had huge potential, a typical Scottish setting in a lovely hotel which would be perfect. A good end to the start of ‘The Venue’ hunt.

It’s now 6pm and I have avoided the radio and sneaky phone checking all day. I know the match will be well into the second half and we are safely in the car heading home with Maria listening to Classic fm – should be no chance of any football results on there – and all is well until Matt and Miriam phone about half an hour into our return journey. The M’s are just checking to see what we thought of the venues and asking how we’d got on in the hunt – I did say there’s lots of excitement! Maria said to them that all three were very suitable and that the day had gone well, but before I could say anything Matt uttered the dreaded words, “Better than the football then !!”

My heart just sank, my best laid plans were now in ruins, Newcastle had got beat and we were still nearly 3 hours from home. Maria thought it was hilarious that Matt had let the result slip but I have to say…… I didn’t see the funny side. To make matters worse I took a wrong turning on the way back and despite Maria telling me to turn round, I decided to follow the Sat Nav that said the new route was actually 4 miles shorter but what it didn’t say, was that it was on some of the narrowest and twistiest roads in Scotland!

When we finally got home, I opened the car boot to find 2 Spinoni glaring at me, looking slightly green and obviously not impressed with my cross-country driving! So, from the point of view of wedding planning, it was a very fruitful day but not quite so good from the point of view of the football!

Anyway, whichever venue they decide on I am sure Jenny and Jev will have a fabulous day next year! I can only hope there will be no football match!!

‘Stop Press’ it is nearing completion!!
For those of you who have been following the Saville Row ‘Rejuvenation Programme’, I have an update. Only 6 months behind schedule; the pedestrian block work is almost finished, we have traffic barriers at the North Street end of Saville Row and some of the equipment has been removed, but I have to say it still looks generally the same as it did before they started! Apparently according to the architects design the finished street will look like a Parisian Boulevard with glorious sunshine and a thriving café culture! Call me a sceptic but I will believe it when I see it… I really hope they prove me wrong.

Talking of rejuvenation and modernisation we have finished updating our upstairs Dispensing Suite. The room overlooks Saville Row and with natural daylight and the addition of comfortable sofas, it is a lovely bright, relaxing room to work in. We are even planning to offer a glass of Prosecco, on an afternoon, for those patients choosing frames in there.
So, if you want to choose your spectacles in natural daylight, please just ask one of the Dispensing Opticians who will happily oblige you.

One of the new frame Collections we are now stocking is from a manufacturer called Lindberg. These are incredibly light weight and are typically understated Danish designed frames. We have taken 3 of the Lindberg ranges including their amazing rimless collection ‘Acetanium’ as well as the ‘N.O.W’ and ‘Spirit’ collections and have been very impressed by the quality of theses frames and the styles.
You can find out more either by contacting one of our Dispensing Opticians or you can browse the Lindberg website www.Lindberg.com

How did we do?
I am very grateful to all of you who respond to our feedback questions following your appointments. Your responses greatly help us to try to improve the service we offer you. To all of you who have given us positive Google Reviews, it is amazing how these reviews help us to attract new patients. So, I am exceptionally grateful, that you take the time to assist us with this.

Well, I am sitting looking out of our kitchen window at the grass which appears to be growing in front of my eyes. This is today’s job and will be the first grass cut of the year so I am dreading it. Maria is the gardener in our house, I just cut the grass and tidy up any garden rubbish as I am asked to. Anyway, I can’t come up with any more excuses to put it off, so grass cutting here I come – with a bit of luck the lawnmower won’t start!

I hope you are well and I look forward to seeing you again when you are next in the practice.

Best wishes