Over the last 25 years we have developed an in depth interest in several niche areas of eye care. This had led to the development of our specialist eye clinics which have helped many patients with their specific problems.

Dyslexia / Visual Stress

We work with both adults and children, at all stages of their studies, whether at nursery, school, university or in work. Our SLD eye clinic is designed to remove the visual disadvantage and allow our patients to reach their full potential.

Dry Eye

Dry eye is an increasingly common condition in the 21st Century. Our eye clinic aims to diagnose, treat and monitor the condition.

Myopia Control

Significant recent technological advances now allows the development of myopia and short sightedness to be slowed. We have considerable experience in using Ortho K contact lenses to treat low to moderate degrees of Myopia

Sports Vision

Our Sports Vision eye clinic aims to give you optimal visual performance in your chosen sport.