Eye emergencies (known as ocular emergencies) can take many forms, with signs and symptoms including eye pain, red eye, flashes of light, and new ‘eye floaters’.

These, and many other eye emergencies, can affect either one eye or both of your eyes.

If you believe you have a problem with your eye or vision then we recommend you contact the practice immediately on 0191 232 7615 for advice.

Please note that should you attend for an emergency appointment we may need to put drops into your eyes to dilate your pupils. This means that you would be unable to drive for approximately 4 hours. We therefore advise you not to drive to these appointments.

If we are not open and you have an ocular emergency then we recommend that you seek medical help from the RVI or Sunderland Eye Infirmary departments. Their opening hours and contact details can be found on their respective websites.