Eyecare 21 is G.T. Harvey & Partners’ monthly payment plan covering eye examinations and discounts off eyewear.

Our Eyecare 21 plans were originally developed over 20 years ago, following a very conversation with a patient, who asked if he could not have a comprehensive eye care as part of a monthly payment plan, like he did for his dental care.

After gathering feedback from other patience, we started to develop Eyecare 21.

What is Eyecare 21?

Eyecare 21 allows patients to choose an eyecare payment plan to suit their individual requirements.

Comprehensive eye care for all

At G.T. Harvey & Partners we have always been great advocates of a thorough N.H.S. Sight Test/Standard Eye Examination and we will always strive to fulfil this to the best of our abilities to all patients.

However recent advances in eye care technology have now made it possible to provide a far more sophisticated eye examination than ever before.

We have developed Eyecare 21 plans to offer all our patients’ access to this advanced technology and a more sophisticated eye examination. It allows patients the option to spread the cost of their eye care and reduce the cost of their eyewear.

Plans and Pricing

Protect your vision from just 23p per day…

Protect your vision from just 23p per day with Eyecare 21

To sign up, please book an appointment to pop in and see us, where will carry out your initial Eyecare 21 eye examination and get your payment plan in place.