Advances in technology mean that modern contact lenses are more comfortable and affordable than ever before with a vast range of prescriptions available.

We are able to advise patients on which lens types are most suited to their lifestyle and requirements.

As we are not tied to one particular company we can offer impartial professional advice.

No Risk Trials

We will assess your suitability for contact lenses at your first appointment and then explain the options open to you, together with the costs involved. If there is a problem this will be discussed in full and your options explained. It may mean you need a more specialised lens. Your first experience of contact lens wear will demonstrate how comfortable they can be. Before committing yourself to going ahead, we will, where possible, allow you to take some lenses home to try. At this point the only cost involved will be the initial assessment and fitting fee.

Making the Right Decision

We will advise you on the best lens options to meet your needs and explain these thoroughly. These options include: daily disposable contact lenses; soft lenses; gas permeable lenses; UV filter lenses; tinted lenses to change your appearance; bifocal and progressive lenses. Many lens options are available on a frequent replacement scheme.

Soft Contact Lenses

These are generally the most popular lens option as they are so comfortable to wear and easy to adapt to. Modern contact lenses are available for people with Astigmatism (an irregular shaped eyeball) and also bifocal/varifocal wearers. These are available in the form of daily disposable contact lenses or on monthly replacement schemes.

Silicone Hydrogel Lenses

One of the newest and possibly most advanced contact lenses available, these lenses feel and behave like a soft lens, but have the added advantage of allowing as much oxygen to the eye as the best rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses. As well as being used for people who have had problems or dry eye symptoms, they are suitable for extended wear of up to one month. These are replaced on a daily, fortnightly or monthly basis.