We will give you expert guidance on all your glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses, helping you select the most suitable options for you.

Free Eyewear Styling Consultation

Come in for an Eyewear Styling Consultation with one of our Dispensing Opticians

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Bespoke Glasses

You are unique, your eyes are unique. We feel your glasses should be unique as well

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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses give you the freedom of a wide field of view, without the restriction of a spectacle frame

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Our aim is to provide you with eyewear which is comfortable, stylish and fulfils your visual requirements.

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Sunglasses are important due to the potential damage UV radiation can do to the eyes.

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Patient downloads

Download PDFs and information leaflets for more information on our clinics, the Eyecare 21 plan and more…

VDU's and your eyes

VDU users tend to complain of eye strain more than non-users. Find out how you can reduce eye fatigue.