Free Eyewear Styling Consultation

Have you been disappointed with your last pair of glasses? Are you uncertain about what style, colour or shape of frame suits you? Have you found previous glasses uncomfortable to wear? Were they too heavy, a bit ordinary and uninspiring and not quite what you wanted? Did you answer “Yes” to any of the above questions? If so, we feel you would benefit from an “Eyewear Styling Consultation” with one of our qualified Dispensing Opticians.

So, what is an Eyewear Styling Consultation?

In simple terms it is an appointment in a relaxed and comfortable environment where one of our Dispensing Opticians will look after you and guide you through a discussion; of your prescription, your lifestyle and personality, as well as the visual demands you put on your eyes.

At the end of the consultation there is no obligation to buy any glasses from us if you do not wish to do so.

During your consultation our emphasis will be on the following –

  • Prescription analysis
  • When we look at your prescription we consider:
  • When your spectacles are worn, for example- all day, just for
    reading, for the computer or for sport.
  • We look at the cosmetic appearance of your lenses. In other words
    their thickness, their weight and if you need sun protection
    incorporated into them.
  • The comfort of wearing your spectacles is very much dependant on
    the weight of your lenses, particularly if you have a complicated
    prescription. We will consider all the different types of lenses to
    get the best ones for you.
  • Your budget. We always aim to find the best solution for your visual needs within your budget.
Frame selection

The second part of the consultation focuses on your frame choice. There are a bewildering range of frames now available and selecting the perfect frame without specialised advice can be difficult and can be quite daunting.

Our Dispensing Opticians are passionate about finding the right frames to suit you. People are all unique and one size certainly does not fit all!

Our Dispensing Opticians will spend time with you discussing:

  • When your spectacles are to be worn.
  • The comfort and fit of your spectacles.
  • Your colouring and face shape.
  • Your personality.

And we will take frame measurements so ensuring a perfect fit. You may find that one pair of spectacles suits all your needs. We find that for some patients, they select 2 or 3 pairs depending upon occasions and activities.

Whatever your preference, whatever your needs, our consultations are personalised individually to ensure that you always enjoy wearing your eyewear and that they serve the purpose you wanted them for.

If you feel that you would benefit from one of our “Eyewear Styling Consultations”, then simply complete the form below. One of our Dispensing Opticians will telephone you for a quick chat and introduction, before arranging your appointment.

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We hope we can help you enjoy choosing and wearing your next pair of spectacles

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