What are Varifocal lenses?

by | Aug 28, 2022 | Eye Care Blog

Varifocal lenses are multipurpose lenses that give you vision at distance – intermediate and near – all in one pair of spectacles.

Varifocal lenses give you a good all-round pair of spectacles, which can work fantastically as your only pair of specs, or in addition to a separate pair for a specific task such as computer or desk-based work.

In the past, you may have heard horror stories as people told their friends how they couldn’t adapt to varifocals.  However, the vast majority of people will adapt to varifocals in a relatively short space of time as advances in technology mean that the lenses are better designed and can be suitable for everyone.

Are all Varifocal lenses the same?

No. As with all lenses, there are many different manufacturers and designers of varifocal lenses.

The better lenses are usually more expensive because they use more up-to-date technology to give a wider area for vision and smoother transition from distance to near vision. Most cheaper varifocals are more basic in design. They offer a budget option as they have more peripheral distortion meaning that you have to turn your head more to look straight at what you are viewing.

Due to the complex nature and design of varifocals, it is important that your Dispensing Optician discusses with you the frame and lens choice so that the pair of spectacles will be suitable for your requirements.  Numerous measurements are taken to ensure the precise placement of the lenses in front of the eyes so that the varifocals work correctly.

To offer the very best vision possible, you can also have a personalised bespoke varifocal lens which also takes into account your daily visual needs.  The lenses are then designed using all of this extra information and more in-depth measurements are taken to offer the very best level of vision at all distances.

Varifocals are available in standard and thinner materials, clear or photochromic (darken in the sunlight), as well as polarised sunglass options.  Anti-reflection coatings and UV blocking coatings are widely used on these lenses to offer the best protection from glare and the elements.

How do I go about getting Varifocal lenses?

Have a chat with our team if you think Varifocals might be for you. Or why not chat to one of our Dispensing Opticians? Book your next eye test and we can chat to you about Varifocal lenses when we see you.

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